Granite Countertops in New Providence, New Jersey

Although they provide you with the largest return on your investment, kitchens and bathrooms are often the last rooms many people think of when they plan to remodel. The kitchen and baths in your home are the most frequented of any other room, yet they are often forgotten when we decide to upgrade. If you are considering an update to either of these rooms, you may want to consider natural stone for your flooring, countertops, walls or backsplashes.

Granite Countertops in New Providence, New Jersey

Granite Countertops in New Providence, New JerseyOne of the most popular options in countertop surfaces, granite, provides you with a surface that is resistant to bacteria and extremely durable. Granite also adds a sophisticated look to your kitchen or bath. No two slabs of granite are the same so you know that your room will be unique. For an even more stunning look, consider adding granite flooring in a kitchen, hallway or entrance. You can even find granite rated for outdoor use so it is perfect for patios, barbecue areas or as accents on your deck.

Quartz Countertops in New Providence, New Jersey

One of the hardest stones on Earth, quartz, creates a beautiful, stunning countertop surface, The counters are actually engineered stone countertops, created by mixing ground quartz with pigment and resins to create a surface that is very durable. Because it is manufactured, slabs can look the same. If you have a large kitchen, this could provide you with a more uniform look for your counters.

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Marble Countertops in New Providence, New Jersey

Adding marble to your kitchen or bath will create a luxurious, rich feel. Marble has been used in buildings for centuries, attesting to its strength and ability to wear well over time. Marble is softer than quartz or granite, so it does require additional care. It should be sealed annually and you should use cutting boards to avoid damaging the surface. Both granite and marble can stain if acidic materials are left on the counter for long periods, so wipe up tomato sauce, citrus juices or coffee right away.

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Modern Kitchen and Bath Design in New Providence, New Jersey

Modern Kitchen and Bath Design in New Providence, New JerseyYou are not limited to natural stone as a countertop surface. Marble flooring adds a beautiful look to your entrance or in a bathroom. You can also add granite flooring in a family room or in your kitchen. It is important to sweep the flooring often to avoid scratching the surface when grit is trapped on shoes or feet. Create an exciting outdoor kitchen using engineered stone countertops that are rated for outdoor use. Top a set of wrought iron table legs with granite counters for an interesting outdoor table. You can even use natural stone to accent areas of your garden or around your pool.

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