Granite Countertops in Westfield, New Jersey

The most remodeled rooms in homes are kitchens and bathrooms. One of the reasons people choose to upgrade these rooms is because they can significantly increase the value of your home should you decide to sell. If you do sell, you can often recover as much as 90 percent of your remodeling costs. This should make a kitchen or bath remodel very popular if you are looking for a room to upgrade. One way to be sure that your kitchen or bath remodel will achieve the results you want is by installing natural stone countertops, flooring, backsplashes or walls.

Granite Countertops in Westfield, New JerseyGranite Countertops in Westfield, New Jersey

Granite countertops are some of the hardest you can find for your kitchen or bath counters. They are extremely durable and bring a look of luxury to any room. In fact, you don’t have to limit the use of granite to your kitchen or bath. Many granite options are rated for outdoor use as well, making them the perfect choice for outdoor cooking areas, landscaping or living areas. It is also possible to add granite flooring to a room, giving it a rustic look that will be unique from other living spaces. Granite does need some tender care, however. Always use a cutting board and place hot pans on trivets or hot pads. Although the pan will not burn the counter, grit on the bottom could cause scratches. Knives may not scratch but can be ruined if you use them against the granite. Always clean granite with mild soap and water, avoiding scouring pads or harsh cleansers.

Quartz Countertops in Westfield, New Jersey

Engineered stone countertops are created from 90 percent or more ground quartz mixed with resins and pigment. If you have a large kitchen with a significant amount of countertop, you may prefer quartz since it is manufactured and all slabs look alike. With other types of natural stone, each slab is different so your counters may not be uniform. You can also get engineered stone countertops in a wider variety of colors than other types of stone as the pigments mixed give manufacturers more versatility. Like granite, you should use cutting boards and hot pads or trivets to protect the stone, although quartz is less likely to suffer damage. Quartz is one of the hardest rocks available, so it is very durable and resistant to breaking, cracking or scratching.

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Marble Countertops in Westfield, New JerseyMarble Countertops in Westfield, New Jersey

Marble gives any room a luxurious, elegant look. It brings to mind thoughts of elegant castles and stately old buildings. Marble is softer than quartz or granite, so it is more likely to scratch. Acidic materials like tomato juices, coffee or wine may stain marble so it is important to wipe up spills quickly. Marble naturally develops a patina over time and this is why some people choose it over other types of stone. Like granite, no two slabs are the same, so your countertops may not look exactly alike. You can also add a unique look to your home with marble flooring or backsplashes.

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Modern Kitchen and Bath Design in Westfield, New JerseyModern Kitchen and Bath Design in Westfield, New Jersey

Today, there are many options to create a modern kitchen and bath. Marble flooring is a great addition to a bath, allowing you to create a spa-like atmosphere. Just add a steam shower, whirlpool tub and heated towel racks to finish the effect. Retro appliances, a farmhouse sink and natural wooden floors paired with quartz countertops can create a comfortable country look for your kitchen. Consider adding granite flooring in your kitchen paired with sleek black appliances and countertops. Add stark white cabinets for a modern, clean appearance.

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